Most of the current website is optimized for IE 6+ and fire fox 1.05 + browser, when such websites are accessed from Mobile Phone. It does not display information properly. Our Mobile Website Developers Team is having expertise in identify various mobile browsers and arrange content to fit in most mobile browser.

We do analysis of the existing website and identify the most important content for mobile browser compatibility.

For converting any existing or building a new site from scratch below listed points needs to be considered:

Need to reduce length of text description on the pages and instead of that, link may be provided between next and previous pages. So that on small mobile screen user should be comfortable enough to view content.

There should not be much user input screen, since to type in mobile is tough then PC.

Avoid use of decorative images, Flash contents etc. or images with small size in KB with compressed format should be used.

There should not be much scrolling on any mobile web page, since user will less comfortable to scroll things in compare to desktop browser.

Client-Sever communication should be minimum in length of data since GPRS speed will be less in compare to Internet. Since Processing power of mobile is slow in compare to PC. And also mobile will have less heap memory

Downloading of different files like Newsletters, articles, Videos etc. contents which should take long time to transfer on mobile device. In Mobile version that contents should be emailed to user by just asking his email id

For dynamic contents on pages refresh rate may be less in compare to desktop refresh rate.

Site which does lots of process in browser (complex algorithm operation and mathematical operation) should be transferred to server side in case of mobile web site

Different manufacturer provides different browser in their mobile device. So content compatibility with browser should be checked. I think it depends on MIME types of browser.

Search engine should not normally index mobile web pages to avoid indexing confusion between desktop site and mobile site. Though it depends on the design and service of mobile web site.

We also specialize in developing mobile website development services using GPRS. The major services are based on:

  • Map Service
  • Stock Price Service
  • Calendar Service
  • Email Service etc…